How is this search engine different to Google?

This Google-based, custom search engine, searches only the sites on which ebooks are hosted. It will save you time sifting through irrelevant results such as the title appearing in online bookstores, book reviews, etc. It allows you to search in context for more relevant results than a regular search with the basic Google.

Tips for better search results:

  • Put the search phrase in quotes. You will get results with the exact phrase instead of the separate keywords scattered throughout the text.
  • Try searching by the author's name if you have been unsuccessful with the title or vice versa.

Suggest a site:

Please, check first if the site has already been included. Enter it as a search phrase; if it appears in the results then it is already in the search engine. If it doesn't appear contact us to add it. It would be good if you suggest tags by which to describe it when adding it to Yahoo Boomarks. We will do our best to add it within a couple of weeks.

Indexed websites:

Currently not available. We are working to bring this back soon.

If you are want to check if a certain web site is already indexed in our search engine just enter it as a search phrase. If it appears in the results then it must be in our index.

We periodically check if our URLs are valid with REL Link Checker Lite.

If you own a web site indexed in our CSE:

  • For better indexing submit an xml sitemap of your site into Google Webmaster Tools. Detailed instructions here and here.

What about a text-only version?

You can reach the search form which is text-only at the address below:


You can increase font size by:
"Ctrl and +" in Mozilla Firefox;
just "+" in Opera.

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